With March Madness finally behind us, it’s interesting to look back on the NCAA Basketball Tournament. There were certainly a few surprises along the way and throughout the season. These same types of surprises are the reason even longshots can make it to the top of the bracket and even play in the big game. Seriously, it wasn’t that long ago that a small, private Indiana college, Butler University, made a surprising run in the competition. Anything can happen.

The same holds true in life as in basketball. Anything can happen. That is why you need to make sure your insurance isn’t all about the expected risks you face with your home or business policies but also the unexpected.

As humans, we focus a lot of our attention on managing risks. Many of us are defensive drivers despite the many possible distractions on the road. You buy insurance because you know accidents are possible and if the accident is your fault it is essential to have insurance protection. Since everyone is required to have insurance you might not believe you need protection from uninsured drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone has insurance. Protecting yourself from those irresponsible drivers forcing you to accommodate that fact in your risk management efforts.

It’s fairly easy to buy insurance protection from the known risks. But there are so many unknowns in the world we live in. Most people had never even heard of Butler University back in 2009. Certainly not as a powerhouse contender within the NCAA. Today, basketball fans across the country know the name and expect fierce competition when going head to head with this lesser-known basketball team.

How Can You Plan for the Unexpected?

Working hand in hand with a risk management expert and not just an insurance agent, can be extremely beneficial in helping you plan for the usual suspects, risks, and outcomes while also helping you address the unexpected as well.

It is certainly important to plan for the normal outcomes and expected risks. You need the normal insurance policies and protections, such as home insurance, business insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. You also need insurance for things that are little more out of the ordinary as well. That is where working with a risk management expert can be of great assistance for you. To help you identify some of the unexpected risks and protect yourself, your family, and your financial legacy against those types of risks in addition to the more expected and even anticipated risks.

Risk management is essential in life, love, basketball and more. Working with someone dedicated to helping you manage and mitigate your risks, like Roman Galey, can be instrumental in protecting your reputation, your assets, and your business.